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Domain Name Registration.

Buy your domain today from LANKA WEB SPACE.

We provide doman registration services in Sri Lanka. Register your domain name with us at very competitive and affordable price. You can check domain availablity from the following form.

Domain Price
.com Rs: 4500/- year
net Rs: 5500/- year
org Rs: 6000/- year
.LK Rs: 4500/- year
biz Rs: 2000/- year
info Rs: 2000/- year
name Rs: 6000/- year Rs: 6000/- year
What is a Domain Name?

A Domain is an identification unique string that reserved to your website name. You can choose your domain with a flexible domain extensions like .com, .lk, .net, .org etc. Once you register the domain name with a proper extension then no one can register the same domain with the same extension during your registration active time period. You can build a website with the domain name that you purchased, but you need to buy a hosting plan as well. Always keep in mind that your domain name will give your business a brand value online and navigate user to your website.

Why Should I purchase a domain Name?

Every need to register a domain name who want to publish a website in the internet for companies or individuals. A domain name provide you a unique identification in the internet. So you need a domain name + Web hosting account in order to publish your website in the internet.

Choosing Domain Names.

Domain name length

A short domain is easier to remember, it has less risk of being mistyped, and it'll fit easily on your business cards and correspondence. Conversely, if a short name doesn't represent your business, it's more difficult for people to remember. The short names you like may already be taken anyway.

If your business name is up to three easy-to-spell words, it'll probably work as a domain name. For a longer business name, the initials or just one or two words may be easier than remembering a combination of words.

Domain name extensions

Should your primary domain end with .com, .net, or .org, or with a Sri lnakan specific such as .lk?
Most populer domain extention today is .COM. If your selected .COM domain is not available or website is mostly aimed Sri Lankan visitors, then you can select a .LK domain.

Once you decide on the available domains that you want, register them immediately. They might not be available tomorrow.

Domain name expiration process

STEP 1: Domain name registration expires

This will happen when the domain name has not been renewed by its owner before the domain expration date. Once domain expires, the domain name status is changed to RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD. With this status, the owner can still renew the domain. This RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD is 30 Days [From its expiration date]. You can not view your website in RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD.

STEP 2: Renewal Grace Period ends

Once the domain RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD ends, the expired domain name is now under the status of REGISTRAR HOLD. It is in this status upto 45 calendar days, during which time it only can be restored by the original owner by paying a redemption fee ( Restore fee is very expensive)

STEP 3: Registrar Auction closeout sale

If the domain name is not renewed or restored by the the owner, Our upstream domain registrar may sell it in their "Domain Auction" or "closeout sale". This period is 31-75 days from expiration date.

STEP 4: Registrar releases the domain name.

Once it has gone pass 75-80 days from expiration date if the domani is not renewed,sold,restored, It will be released from the registry

We recommend you to always renew your domain names before it gets expires.

All the popular extensions are available with us. Be it .com, .net, .org, .lk and more. You can choose any of these domain extensions at attractive prices. Register a Domain with us, with any of these extensions for 1 to 5 years at once. We have made web domain registration very simple.

    How to register a Domain ?

    Type in the domain name that you need in the given field and see if it is available for registration. If the Domain name is available for registration follow the steps given below and make a payment. The Domain name is yours! You can use this domain name to host your website. You even have an option to use multiple domains for your website.